Thursday, September 24, 2015


Dear blog, I thank you for all the precious moment you had spent with me throughout these years, listening to my problems, allowing me rant, watching me share my happiness and also recording all my memories. I am sorry to inform you that i will not be coming over to you any more. I've realised when one reach an age, they change. People grow up and they might have chosen another path that's different from what they had wanted when young. 

To me, I have found something new and much better to express myself, a better much platform for me to blog and at the same time maintain a certain amount of privacy. Therefore, after much thoughts, I will be closing this down officially as of today. however, I will not delete this blog as it will continue to serve as a storage of my past. 

At the same time, while I say goodbye to this blog, I would also like to say goodbye to that one person that I have given up on, you had misused the last chance I had generously offered even when I'd said that I won't. To me, everything is over, and there's no turning back.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

For fuck's sake I'm so annoyed by this small matters which can be resolve by just being considerate. Just freaking inform all parties involved in an outing instead of hoping that the one person find the infos out from the conversation you all have among yourselves. This is so fucking annoying as if the one person is the third party. If that's the case why invite in the first place. 

Friday, November 7, 2014


Urgh I still can't over the stupid ending of a manga series I've been following for more than a decade and here it goes ruining such a wonderful piece of classic in just one chapter. It's so horrible idk if I can even get it off my mind. Yes I do want the manga to end but not in this ridiculous, plotless and rushed way. My childhood memories of this wonderful manga and anime is just ruined. 

I just can't handle how kishimoto randomly paired the characters up and didn't even provide a decent explanation why would some of tem end up together out of a sudden. Worst of all, naruto and sasuke literally abandoned their own kids when they themselves were once stuck in such solitude. What a contradicting plot. The ending just sucks too much I think kishimoto is high on drugs when he did this. And how Hinata ends up with naruto and why would sasuke fall in love with Sakura in a split second will always befuddled me. And I don't get why she would end up as a housewife. Wtf? and wtf chouji's pairing is more ridiculous...

Nonetheless, I should just praise him for his effort for the past 15 years and also the last 698 and a half chapters before the last one and a half screwed up. 

So I will bid farewell temporary to my secret manga obsession until the last movie release and actually explains why some shit happens. ( I'll nv know how empty I will feel if everything finally ends, it will be like when HarryPotter ends.) IM GONNA HAVE WITHDRAWAL SYNDROMES I SWEAR. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It's supposed to be a holiday, it's supposed to be joyous, it's supposed to let everyone celebrate and it's supposed to arguments. However, today is not what it's supposed to be. 

I think this month is definitely not a friendship month. How many fucking stupid arguments had we gone through? Not to say the most taxing one that happened on a Saturday. 

Istg I'm so exhausted I just want a whole week to myself without being bothered. There's so many things that were wrong and so many rights too. I mean sometimes a few just deserved the things that happened to them. Like an old saying - What goes around comes around. I'm not sure if it's me who changed or the others. But one thing I know is one is extremely insensitive and one is extremely sensitive. What a combo.  

P.s. Instead of asking others to back me up I would rather to fight for my rights and reflect on why would someone misunderstood me. But only if it happens to me. IF.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

These 2 days were definitely the most exhausting day every. It's so mentally draining I thought all my brain cells died. Especially today or I should say ytd... Problems basically arose from the moment I woke up until the moment I lay on this very bed of mine... 

Awkwardness has reach a whole new level today and it's seriously not a joke. I can't even comprehend how the hell it happened. I believe that it's my first time being so harsh on someone I call friend, however I think this person somehow deserves it (partly). I'm so annoyed that I don't even know what happened this whole afternoon (from 11am-3pm). All I know I was texting some harsh messages ( with lots of typos and grammatical errors) and trying to clear things up before it gets worse. Like a rolling snowball, problems being worsen just because we push it aside and escape from it...

Worse still I thought during the night, it will be just a joyful meetup when we chat and gossips until it became a tearful one. Where I was literally shocked to the core, it's like locking me in a room withmy worst scenario I could ever imagine. It is just purely horrendous I can't even react. Though I was slightly annoyed and angry at the person who cause it to become a tearful 5-15mins event. It had scarred me so deeply I don't even want to think about it. Though both sides are not wrong, and I understand the purpose behind it. It's just that what had happened annoys me. Cause I simply cannot function like a normal human beside someone who's crying. Unless they're my cousin and they're a kid, it's acceptable for me. 

I rmbed the last time I cried was at my aunt house and I'm so embarrassed cause my little cousins had to come and console me. And worse of all I don't even know how to react to a crying me. Gosh. I'm so bad at handling all these emotional things I feel like an emotional detached human. I'll probably need a "how to handle different emotions" book. 

Oh yes, you think my night just ended like this? Hahaha then you're so damn wrong. I don't know what happened toy mom or what that she got angry cause I came home late. So what? It's not like I'm wasting my life away or being out late and neglect about my sch. Gosh it's a weekend and worse she accuse me of playing when she doesn't even know what's happening. 

Most contradicting part, she doesn't like me staying up late but she's also staying up late. What a great example. 
Honestly, if I don't play now then when? Don't tell me they don't go out and party whole night when they're young. Don't try to bullshit me with those. Moreover stop comparing how you get out to society and work while you're young to us now. We are living in a total different era and society. It's totally impossible for me to study and work at the same time. Don't you even think it's too hard on me? You said I don't study, but how am I supposed to when I'm always too tired from work. No don't say that the time I meet my friends are redundant. I need a social life too. Compared to other kids I'm actually missing out a lot things what youngsters do nowadays. I'm angry at why my sis is allow to do things I can't. Did I ever complain about it? Who don't wanna go out and play, I'm also at the age of partying and playing. I restricted myself just because my fucking useless sis are doing this and to prevent you from worrying too much I didn't. So don't even freaking thinks that I'm playing outside cause I didn't and even if I did, I fucking deserves it.